Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man, this feels good!

I lost 5lbs this week. For a grand total of 13.4 pounds lost, putting me at 263.6! Ummm excuse me while I do the happy dance. I can't fuckin believe this shyt! Ok, I can..Cuz we been bustin our asses but still..ya know?

I feel so good. I feel like I look good. I like looking at myself now, and I like the way Barry looks at me. He is so supportive in this. He loved me while I was fat, and will enjoy me more when Im thin LOL And Im ok with that cuz I just feel better! I want to go out more, do more physical things with him and Taaj. It's a really awesome feeling! My curves are coming out more too which I LOOOOOVE. I feel like some kinda Latina hawt sauce LOL Lemme stop lol

Do or Die!!

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  1. God I love your attitude and congratulations on your 5 lb. loss, holy cow!