Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's make some goals!

So, every time I think about the end result of all this I get really excited. I want to make some long and short term goals...Here's some I like :-)

  • Go to any of those skinny bitch stores in the mall (5*7*9, Gap, American Eagle, Wet Seal, oh and of course Victoria's Secret) and get ANYTHING. I try it on, and it fits. I buy it. The end.
  • Run a half marathon next year. Totally gonna go it.
  • Learn how to do a cart wheel.
  • Get on a ride at a fair and not worry about squeezing in.
  • Sit in the back seat of a small car and be comfy.
  • Have a really cute preggo belly
  • Peirce my belly button
  • Get a tattoo on my side and butt lol
  • Ride a jet ski

Those are just some of em...Some are silly but I never realized how my weight as stopped me from doing SO much in life. Im just glad I can change all that now instead of it being too late when Im old. 


  1. You go Mama! I love your goals! They're so much more fun than lame-o generic ones.