Sunday, May 15, 2011

I have no title because that's how I'm feeling...

It has NOT been a good week.

1. Being a woman sucks and I hate hormones!
2. Eating healthy is expensive.

Let's touch on the hormones part, shall we?
PMS is a son of a bitch and I want to rip my ovaries out for later use. She makes me crazy, and hungry, all the time. I blame PMS for my fattiness. (not really though)

I may end up having to sell my body on MLK to pay for my salad habit. Why does this shit cost so much?! I can get 2 salads out of one bag, that costs me almost $3.00. I eat salad twice a day, and thats just ME. If Barry decides to have one.MORE SALAD. And lets not forget cucumbers, red onions, and anything else you want on it. Fish- Wait a minute, the world is made up of mostly water (ya know, where fish live?) and I'm paying $20 for 6 SMALL salmon fillets? Awesome. It's just not a good week. How am I supposed to feed my family, and still keep it healthy enough so I can eat it, and not just this mini, skinny model sized portion? Cooking the way I used to and just "portion control" is not really an option here. Everything I made was fattening and high in calories.

Not to mention I missed 2 work outs this week. Today, I want to quit. But I'm not.


  1. awww Im sorry Lea...:c( I know Salmon is expensive...mabe tilapia?
    Keep your head up!You can do this!

  2. yea tell me about it!!! people wonder why americans are so FAT and UNHEALTHY??!?!?!?! well, lets see... for 1 we are in a recession!!! and for 2 i can go to mcdonalds and get 4 burgers and 4 fries for $5 OR 1 salad for $4 .....ummmm.... thats why america is fat!! my husband cooks dinner for him and my son (bc he gets off at noon) and he can cook dinner for a week for $30 !! soo thats 6 meals (we usually go out to eat on sundays) for 2 HUNGRY men for $30!!! it would literally be 3x as much if he wanted to cook healthy ..... blah.....

    keep up the good work LEA!!! and remember what i told you right before you started, if you have a bad day or even a bad week dont let that discourage you, TOMORROWS A NEW DAY!!! :)

  3. Hugs hugs hugs! Healthy eating can be expensive, I agree :(.

    First of all, whole head lettuce is cheaper than bagged. Of course you have to wash and chop it which is a pain when you just want to sit down and eat, but it's cheaper.

    Secondly, while they're not as tasty I imagine (I don't eat fish myself, so I have no idea), I can get cheap frozen Kroger brand salmon fillets at our Kroger. That's what the Ry-guy eats.

    I get a lot of bulk grains and dried beans when we're really trying to budget and you can combine them with store-brand frozen veggies and spices and herbs to make a pretty tasty, healthy, and cost-effective balanced meal.

    Hang in there, hon. You are doing a GREAT job! I love seeing the pictures you post of your smiling, happy self after exercise!