Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I gained this week...

But I don't really give a shit lol I worked out everyday, even our "day off" we took a nice long stroll. I ate right, even while going out to eat, I drink my water... I'm still a winner. It's a new week, its a new day.

We took Taaj to the park today. It's amazing the things I realized Ive never really done. We ran...literally...around the park, the track and field. I chased my son, up stairs, down slides, through bridges...Things Ive never been able..errr...WANTED to do. Ive missed years of opportunities because of my weight. Less because of being embarrassed, and more of just not being able to keep up without passing out! It's good be alive, and it's good to be on the right track now. Im just so glad I am doing it now, while Taaj is little and wont remember a mommy thats grossly obese, out of shape, unable to play with him the way a mother should. I never ever want to Taaj to be fat. I want being physically active to be a normal part of life for him, not like it was for me. We watched movies, played games and ate...and ate...and ate. By the time my mom realized I was fat, it was too late. I was already lazy by then. I never want him to struggle with weight like I have...Like I do. All the years Ive spent eating 2 double whoppers in one sitting, feeling insecure but faking like I wasnt, not doing things because I hated how everything looked on me, feeling sluggish. Do you know what it's like to be CONSTANTLY compared to your skinny friends? Being the "fat one". Being the buddy to your guy friends, but too fat to be a girlfriend. I laugh in their faces now. Cuz they can all kiss my fat ass! HaHa! There's a skinny bitch FIGHTING to get out now, and she will show her face in due time. And when she does, the world better watch out...cuz Im gonna wear really short shorts.

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  1. LOL!!!! oooo oooo ooooo me too!!!! pick me!!! that will be one of my goals to !!! i want to wear the really short shorts that the SKINNY girls are wearinf that look like underwear!!! lol!!! lets wear them together and skip up and down the road, singing and doing occasional cart wheels!!! lol!!
    2nd goal, make up a SKINNY GIRL song we can sing !! lol!