Sunday, May 8, 2011

Every fattys dream...

The buffet....
But it's ok! I survived! I had shrimp cocktail (with almost no calories), TONS of veggies, and I only had a few cheat items but still didnt get silly with myself. Cuz lets be honest, whats like without a little enjoyment like that? All things in moderation, right?

Oh and I just have to share...My fortune cookie read, "Success is usually the fruit of patience" Nice huh?
However, my husband read, "Your relationship could be under stress, sit back and wait" Oh the irony...Let's just say today was not so good of a day :-)

1 comment:

  1. you can literally eat what you want Lea.... just remember the key is to BURN more calories than what you intake..... dont drive yourself nutty bc STRESS is a big part of BELLY FAT.... the less you worry and stress the more you will see your results... so just get in the SKINNY GIRL mind set.... INSTEAD OF WWJD its now WWSGD (what would skinny girls do.... you should "totally" get the WWSGD bracelet made .... and yes, i was in my SKINNY GIRL mindset thats why i said TOTALLY!!! LOL!!)