Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cuz quittin' ain't an option!

Today was awesome.

It did not however, start that way.

I woke up this am expect my blood sugar to be around 150-170 considering it was 203 right before I went to bed. How surprised was I was that shit was 274?! I was highly upset...Plus, I weighed myself. It wasnt weight in day. Stupid.

Had an AWESOME work-out today! I really humped it on our walk. Barry came with and we jogged...a lot. He's a great motivator plus he has a lot of good tips from when he was in the po-po academy. Then of course our walk was followed by doing Richard (tee-hee) with Bur. That was also equally awesome. Im also slowly but surely learning about calories, carbs, fat, BMI, BMR, etc...I have a headache now lol But its great knowledge that I am really putting to use.

My first small goal is to lose 50lb by my 30th birthday. Barry(July 9), myself(Sept 15) and my bff's(Sept 27) (Bur)'s husband all turn 30 this year, so we are having a Triple Dirty 30 party and we are gonna look HOT!!

That is all :-)

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