Monday, April 25, 2011

What a weekend!

It's been a few days. Sorry about that. It was a hell of a weekend! Friday I cleaned the entire house and started making stuff for Easter dinner at my house for the first time. Followed by 2 hours of sweaty yard work. That night we didn't work out. We were SO busy and EXHAUSTED. I don't feel guilty because we've been working out EVERYDAY. I guess I somehow was trying to tell myself I should feel guilty, but...It wasn't happening LOL Saturday: Me, Barry, Taaj, Mom, Ambur and Jeremy all went to the beach. It was a WONDERFUL day. Gorgeous. We went for a nice looooong walk so at least we did that. Plus some light treading in the water. Sunday...Beautiful day with my family for Easter dinner, an egg hunt and celebrating my grandpa's 77th birthday. I didn't over stuff myself which I am really proud of myself for.

Tomorrow (maybe today) I go grocery shopping where I will buy weight loss (because I hate the word "diet) friendly foods. I'm excited. I don't know if I gained or loss this week, but it doesn't matter because I am trying. AF is upon me so she is making it really hard to be motivated and no sleep all day lol

Back to our work outs today! Looking forward to it!