Friday, April 15, 2011

Motivation coming outta me arse!

So, this morning my wonderful husband has to get up early for his finals..FINALLY. We are all up byt 7:15am, just laying in bed, enjoying family time with our son and watching Little Bill. Today I am going to Sarasota so shoot some photos for an event, so I wont be able to get my work out in. I think..sigh...That sucks. I already feel guilty. Well screw that! Hubs leaves, I make a nice breakfast for me and my boy, threw him (not literally) in his stroller and OFF WE WENT! 1.34 miles in about 25 minutes! I even jogged...for like 15 seconds, then I felt my liver fall out.

I must really want this. Do or die.


  1. Okay, LOL at your liver falling out! And great job on fitting in the exercising this morning! (This is Kate, BTW.) :)

  2. hahaha I know it's you silly! And thank u!

  3. HAHAA!! Felt my liver fall out. You're so funny! Good job mama! :) Glad you are feeling good!

  4. Hahaha on the liver falling out! I feel like my lungs are going to fall out when I jog.

    I am so inspired by your dedication to this journey! You rock!