Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy sore muscles!

Today, kicked my ass. But in a good way. We did our usual walk, with the husband tagging along which was awesome. It's nice having that motivation. I have such a wonderful husband. Today at Wal-Mart, we were checking out the weight loss (I hate saying diet!) safe snacks. He was checking out some chips and I said I wouldnt be eating those, do you know that man put them back?? He's so awesome.

Im sore today, which just means it's working lol My knee hurts, and various muscles I didnt know I had! HaHa! Tomorrow we are making our tracking charts and doing our weekly weight in. Im curious if I lost anything yet....Oh my...As we speck my bones are going CHRICK CRACK CHRICK CRACK..Just like that.

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